Private investigator Leeds

There are some circumstances by which investigation taken on by yourself or the police simply won’t suffice – and we are proud to offer services to be taken on by a private investigator Leeds and elsewhere in our region. Private investigation is often necessary when building a case for prosecution in a court of law, and even in some defence cases – as they can work alone to look into public and private records that will likely benefit the client that they are working for.


Private investigators know the law and work within it at all times to ensure that they source documents and evidence ethically and through legal means – and they are a reliable source of support in matters relating to civil disputes and cases that require a trail of evidence in order for prosecution or defence to be able to stand up effectively in course. We offer hard-working professionals specialising in the role of private investigator Leeds, Bradford and beyond – and we ensure that each and every one of our staff is trained and confident to work hard in finding the evidence you need on your behalf – so you don’t have to. For effective and legal private investigation support in the West Yorkshire region, you need look no further!